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Around the World in 35mm - The 35mm Leica Summicron 8 Elements

Today I (Mehrdad) want to start a new series on our blog and YouTube. "Around the world in 35mm" Why, why, on.

"Around the world in 35mm"

Why? Why? Why?

As a Leica M user, the 35mm focal length is like bread and butter optics. I would bet that every M user has at least one 35mm in his pocket and most of them even looked for a 35mm lens as their first lens.

At Leica, the Summicron 35mm has a very good reputation. Rightly so, I would think.

Leica first launched a Summicron 35mm with Leica M-mount in 1958 with the 8 Elements and since then the Summicron series has enjoyed great popularity.

I'd like to take a closer look at each model (series products!) released since 1958, especially in terms of performance on the M10R (40MP) and the new M11.

We'll start with the wonderful 8 Elements, which we've featured before here and here on our blog.

Thanks to FOTO-GÖRLITZ for the loan.

I still publish here all the images I also show in the video.

Have fun looking at them.