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CZUR ET18 Pro - what can the book scanner do and how fast can it do it?

"CZUR ET18Pro Document Scanner will get your projects done in less time." - let's see if this works out!

A book scanner by CZUR - they say:

" CZUR ET18Pro Document Scanner will get your projects done in less time. Whether you need to digitize blueprints for your business, thick bound history books for your research, generate and present in real-time to demonstrate material with your class or office, the ET Series Document Scanner makes the logistics of your project streamlined and easy to operate without bulkiness or taking up space."


I tried out the CZUR ET18 pro and have mixed feelings about it. Actually it is a scanner that handles nicely and fast. On the other hand the work is somehow cloud based and there are some quirks to it. Connecting it to your WLAN is a tedious process, while USB on the other hand works like a breeze.

Scanning is fast and accurate. Image quality could be better though. Make sure you use all the light you can get.

For more information - enjoy the video!

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